Crypto heirloom soon?

2021.12.05 16:33 Darkurn Crypto heirloom soon?

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2021.12.05 16:33 jesusava Name for a new cat

Hello all,
A friend and I have been trying to decide wether or not the name “Email” is either good or bad for a kitten, we’ve asked other and are currently at a tie, so we really need someone to break the tie for us.
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2021.12.05 16:33 Levo_Huntz Red Hats are now Ri8's and their Uniforms were definitely made for Winter [WoW]

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2021.12.05 16:33 moky201 “Just a joke”

My boyfriend and his friends have a group chat of five 5 people (4 guys, 1 girl). 2 of the guys including my boyfriend have girlfriends and the others are all recently single. The girl in the chat saw a tiktok trend and made a survey asking stuff like who’s the funniest/least funniest, who will become rich one day, etc. One of the questions asked: who has the worst taste in girls.
My boyfriends roommate selected my boyfriend for that last question. My boyfriend wasn’t happy about this and defended me in the chat saying how it wasn’t funny to bring me into this. I thought it was pretty uncool of his friend to say that, but the friend said it was just a joke….
What are you thoughts on this? Am I wrong to think it was a shitty, kind of hurtful joke or? Seeing as it was more a dig at ME than my boyfriend…
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2021.12.05 16:33 DesperateAd718 Rezept für kinomäßiges Popcorn

Wenn ihr wie ich seit Jahren versucht das Popcorn so hinzubekommen wie im Kino, aber es einfach nie so wirklich hinhauen will, dann verzweifelt nicht länger. Ich habe soeben herausgefunden wie man es fast perfekt hinbekommt. Zunächst macht ihr euch das Popcorn, wie das geht sollte ja klar sein. Danach gebt ihr das Popcorn in eine Schüssel. Wenn ihr jetzt Zucker in den heißen Topf gebt und den Zucker bei ner mittleren Temperatur zerfließen lasst, dann könnt ihr ihn daraufhin über das Popcorn gießen und dieses dann schön durchmixen. Nehmt euch dafür ruhig ne Minute, damit alles schön schnell abkühlt und sich um das Popcorn legt. Und schon habt ihr es geschafft. Viel Spaß beim Filmabend.
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2021.12.05 16:33 samanthasgramma Barbara Kay: Boosters are a good thing. Not confirming the dosage in writing isn't

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2021.12.05 16:33 Night_Night87 Is there a way to cheat on the mobile port of SL?

The other day i was on my pc and i had to reinstall sister location due some troubles with my pc (i had to format it) and then i didnt wanted to play the game all over again just to get the custom night, so i did the cheat on the files, you know the one where you change your save file and stuff, and then i thought to myself if it is a way to do something similar on the mobile port, if anyone does know i would appreciate an answer (sorry if my english is not the best, i am trying without using the tanslator).
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2021.12.05 16:33 Satsifaction Windows or Linux PC on your tesla anyone? No software hacks

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2021.12.05 16:33 Happy_Blueberry3005 Gesture handler install is killing me
Im following this tutorial to make a tinder clone:

The tutorial im following was made 6 months ago, and it seems the documentation has changed alot for gesture handler. What he does in the video is wildly different then what the documentation says now. Has anyone used this library recently? If so how tf did you get it working?
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2021.12.05 16:33 mupsobukki784 VER! Spider-Man: No Way Home (2021) la Pelicula Completa en español Latino

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2021.12.05 16:33 ZackNorris1986 It doesn’t matter if it’s written or said out loud, I hate saying/writing “LA”, I have to say/write “Los Angeles” every single time and I think everyone else should too.

Only a few people in my life have picked up on this, but I just hate referring to it as “LA”. I have no idea why Los Angeles (see?) is that unique to me, I’m a Midwest guy who only recently (in my 30’s) started visiting Southern California with any kind of irregularity. I call Washington, DC “DC”, and have no problem with people calling New York City, “NYC”… but Los Angeles being “LA” has always bugged the crap out of me.
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2021.12.05 16:33 Xanexee How Bitcoin Set Itself Up for This Sell-Off

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2021.12.05 16:33 LyricsJR Cant even get into que on aether?

Just getting the world is full error, cant even get into que is this happening to anyone else?
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2021.12.05 16:33 TreacleIll5953 Explored around Stony Brook

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2021.12.05 16:33 CupofAverageJoe Washington Monument at night

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2021.12.05 16:33 Disgruntled_Pelicans Homesteading or permaculture podcasts?

Any podcasts on spotify you would recommend?
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2021.12.05 16:33 Car_Fgg THE Aliens teenager

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2021.12.05 16:33 Duck_Dragon [Games] Cartoon Craft ($0.99 -> Free)
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2021.12.05 16:33 officialaltpt2 I'm about to message my former best friend that I haven't talked to in years

Fucking scared
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2021.12.05 16:33 AlfredoSpag LF: Dragon Scale FT: Magby w/Magmarizer or Version exclusives

Looking to get a dragon Scale to evolve my seadra before the Elite 4/postgame. I can offer a Magby with Magmarizer, or SP version exclusives (Misdreavous, Shieldon, Pinsir, and others most likely if this isn't preferred).
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2021.12.05 16:33 Arka-Nox Every time I try to login 😭

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2021.12.05 16:33 existence-is-weird Canon TX Metering Rack Alignment Question

I think I may have misaligned the metering rack in my Canon TX when trying to repair something else… I found a service manual for a Canon FTb which is very similar to the TX but for one thing, has a maximum shutter speed of 1/1000 vs the max of 1/500 on the TX.
The repair manual explains how to check the metering rack by setting the camera to ASA 100 and 1/1000 and verifying the position of the metering hole with a specific screw head. (See the screenshot below)
My question is, what should the alignment be for the TX if it only goes up to 1/500? Should these line up the same way with the camera set to ASA 100 and 1/500 instead? Or maybe they should line up when setting the ASA to 200 to account for the one stop difference in shutter speed?
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2021.12.05 16:33 kun_vegeta Snowflake Lane, Bellevue, WA

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2021.12.05 16:33 Numbah_Wan Uh.....

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2021.12.05 16:33 apocalypse31a5 Priyanka arul Mohan

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