Cornell Wrapped - Spotify Analysis

2021.12.05 18:09 Western_Kick_749 Cornell Wrapped - Spotify Analysis

Hi Cornell Reddit! Since Spotify Wrapped just came out, wanted to hop on the train with a Cornell Wrapped. We're trying to collect Cornell wide Spotify data for a data visualization project on how different college's listening habits compare to one another, favorite songs, etc... It would be a really fun project for us to complete and hopefully release on Cornell Data Journal's website. Please fill out our google form here. The form will take about two minutes to fill out, but make sure your profile is public! If you don't know where to find your profile link - either click share profile on mobile, or add your (original) Spotify username in place of the example.
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2021.12.05 18:09 SonoftheVault1503 BDSP TRADE

LF: Modest Mint,TM11 Sunny Day
FT:Phione,Porygon,Riolu,HA Chimchar,Turtwig,Piplup, Squirtle,Bulbasaur,Torchic, Charmander,Munchlax,Gible,Eevee,BagonCranidos,Feebas,Burmy/BD Exclusives, Whatever I got just ask
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2021.12.05 18:09 mc68n Kjapt spm ang innvandring og økonomi

Stemmer det at kostnadene på innvandringen i Norge er 250 milliarder -tohundreogfemtitusenmillioner- (gamle tall visstnok) alt tatt med... fattern rabler og kan ikke vise til kilder...
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2021.12.05 18:09 _TAKAMURA_ Thread/subreddit for buying/selling (used) tennis gear?

Is there a subreddit or thread for buying/selling used/new tennis gear like racquets?
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2021.12.05 18:09 x-Folz-x Arctic trooper

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2021.12.05 18:09 RLCD-Bot [Octane] [Crimson Octane: Swayzee] [Super Manga-Bolt I] [Season 13 - Grand Champion]

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2021.12.05 18:09 Bot_Highlights Been picking up the prowler more often lately, Even without selectfire it still shreds! | /u/The_KingArthur

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2021.12.05 18:09 XwestTrophy1 Anyone wanna talk about addison?

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2021.12.05 18:09 Redditario Why my Philips hue lamp stop working with Alexa after few days?

With Philips hue app work, with Alexa find the lamp, but doesnt work. E27 White led hue lamp, Alexa echo dot 3.
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2021.12.05 18:09 FillOther1689 Schedule System?

A question… does anyone know how the camp schedules work? I placed custom schedule events to pop up in their mail as a reminder. Does anyone know if that works, the default scheduled events pop up in my mail so I’m wondering if it does the same for my custom.
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2021.12.05 18:09 DCExpat603 45 [M4F] Newport / Derby: Tantric Yoni Massage, followed by a Magic Wand "massage"...(aka FREE MIND-BENDING ORGASMS!)

This is a long read, but it's also a pretty hot read, so hopefully it strikes a good balance!
I've been giving women Tantric Yoni Massages for more than a decade, and have become very good at it. I get off on the power and control involved in giving pleasure, specifically creating a slow, steady escalation of pleasure. It's a rush.
About me: 40s; super fit before COVID, but need to ramp up the endurance sports training again (and I am); attractive by most conventional standards; very easy going and easy to talk to; articulate; funny...
I want to connect with a HWP and reasonably attractive woman (or women -- I've actually done this for one woman while her friend sort of watched while waiting for her was awkward at first, but then pretty cool to all share the moment), between 21-45-ish, interested in sharing the experience described below.
We get to know each other to the point of feeling confident neither one of us is creepy or weird, etc. We arrange to meet in public if we want that, to further vet each other, or we move straight to getting together at my house. You arrive and we talk to settle our nerves and break the tension. After we're comfortable and the conversation is easy / easier, I show you to a bedroom where you would take off your clothes and get comfortable, laying face down on the bed, covering yourself with a sheet.
I join you and we chat a bit more until we are both mostly over the nervousness we'd definitely be feeling. Let's face it, being naked with a stranger, and being the stranger with a strange naked woman in my bed, who I'm about to very intimately touch, should make us both at least a little nervous! I've done this quite a few times and while each experience is unique, this part is always the same, we'd both be a little awkward because that's just how we're wired! Hahaha!
Once comfortable, I would coach you to take good in and out breaths, as I begin massaging you, from your feet upward. The massage is very thorough and, I'm told, rivals professional massages. It would become pretty erotic as I reach your thighs and butt, as I would massage your inner thighs, opening your legs a bit to have greater access to your inner thighs, which would involve some incidental contact with your vagina, as well as stimulating your vagina from all of the the movement in that area -- if you've received massages before, I'm sure you've experienced what I'm talking about. I imagine you would be pretty wet by this point.
I would be checking in with you and coaching you to breathe as we went along, asking you how you're doing and whether you're enjoying yourself.
I'd then thoroughly massage your your butt, further stimulating your vagina from the movement of your but being manipulated and shifted around, which would incidentally cause your vagina to open and close slightly. I would also massage around your anus, which you might find very pleasant and erotic, too -- I'm told this is over-the-top hot. After your butt is thoroughly massaged, I would continue the upward path to your lower back, then your back, to your neck, shoulders, biceps, forearms, and finally your hands...
I'd then have you flip over and again begin with your feet, then shins and the sides of your calves, then your upper thighs, and then erotic overload! I would slowly and very deliberately massage your inner thighs, slowly moving upward, inching closer and closer to your vagina, until reaching that gap between your legs, just below your vagina. The massage would move upward still, making only incidental contact with your lower, outer labia, where the heat and scent emanating from you would be very pronounced by now, as my gentle and deliberate manipulations would cause your labia move and shift.
After massaging both inner thighs, the space between your legs, and all around your vagina, I would then place my whole hand over your vagina, and apply soft, constant downward pressure while moving my hand in a subtle circular motion -- I'm told this is just amazing, as your labia would finally be fully touched, which you might have been craving as a result of the incidental, teasing contact you've experienced up this point. Your wetness would become completely, physically apparent to you at this point, if it hadn't already been, and the cupping, circular contact of may hand would be simultaneously so relaxing, and yet erotic, sensual and sexually charged.
After giving you this pleasure until you peak on it, until you've experienced the maximum pleasure you're likely to experience from this part, I would continue the upward path, to your pelvis, hips, stomach, and then breasts. I would thoroughly massage your breasts, one at a time, with both hands. First just softly holding them, then slowly begin the actual massage, starting on the very outside, and gently working my fingers and thumbs around in circles, kneading and sort of rubbing them, on a slow path toward your nipples. This is decidedly not being "felt up!" Once at your areola, I would very gently take that delicate skin between my thumb and forefinger, and actually massage it, again going around the edge, on an inward path to your nipple, which I would actually massage. This has been described to me as being indescribably wonderful, erotic and sexual, while being totally relaxing and calming. Then onward upward to your shoulders, then biceps, forearms, hands...
Then, once you're very relaxed (and very, very horny), I would place a pillow under your butt, coaching you again to breathe well as we begin to synchronize our breathing (important and pretty easy to do), as I open your legs pretty wide, fully exposing your very wet, very hot vagina. I would massage all around your vagina using coconut oil, cupping it again, until you relax and become super comfortable being touched there. Then I would massage your outer labia in a way that you probably never have been touched before, taking each lip between my thumb and forefinger, and sort of rubbing, but more than rubbing, actually lightly kneading into the tissue, just as with every other part of your body. Then I'd repeat this on your your inner labia, one at a time, literally massaging each one -- I've been told that this is indescribably amazing and just utterly relaxing, while providing erotic overload, which combine to allow you simultaneously to experience both, which is pretty unique to this experience.
To this point, I would have probably been touching just your vagina for at least 10 minutes -- it's very slow and patient, the goal being to have no goal other than just enjoying the sensation of being touched. Then, when I sense it's time, I would begin slowly inserting my forefinger into your vagina, touching and massaging every bit of surface area there, around and at the opening, and then just inside, moving my finger in a circle, touching and exploring every bit of surface area I can touch, as my finger penetrates deeper and deeper, a millimeter at a time. Once my forefinger has literally explored every bit of surface area that can be touched inside of you, I would withdraw it, and add my middle finger to it, and very slowly ease both inside of you, searching out the spots and places I noticed brought you the most pleasure. The pace of this part of the massage is slow, allowing me to register and note subtle changes in your breathing, wetness, scent, and movements, which correspond to places inside of you that bring you the most pleasure.
Once I have found a number of such places, I would first focus on the subtler ones, while moving onto the more obvious ones, e.g., your g-spot, and a couple places below, toward your perineum, but inside you. After taking you to both calming and incrementally more exciting and stimulating places a rather long time, I would ultimately focus on your g-spot while stimulating your clitoris with my hand, fingers, mouth, and tongue.
If you are at all orgasmic, whether you can easily achieve orgasms or not, it's quite likely you will have a pretty huge orgasm that will be cathartic. Some women actually experience a huge emotional release and cry, or laugh, or both. No kidding. To me, it's beyond fascinating and exciting!
If you're very adventurous and into having your mind bent about what your body is capable of in terms of receiving pleasure, I would begin again massaging your g-spot and stimulating your clitoris with my fingers, mouth, and tongue, and when you start to orgasm again, I would continue working on your g-spot while replacing my fingers, mouth, and tongue with a Magic Wand vibrator. You will lose your mind.
If you're seriously interested, I hope you reach out!
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2021.12.05 18:09 CyanPot Current SCM undergrad seeking advice!

Hello everyone,
I am a current second-year student (sophomore) majoring in operations and supply chain management. I have been trying to research the different career paths I could take on after graduating and what I can do now to gain relevant experience, but the more I research the more confused I get as there is an overwhelming amount of information on this subject. My current interests are working towards becoming a supply chain manager within the technology sector but I am currently lost on how to work to achieve that, so my questions to the community are:

  1. What are the best positions/ job titles to work towards? (e.g supply chain manager).
  2. What are the best industries to work supply chain for?
  3. What can I be doing now to increase my odds of working for a good company post-graduation?
Any and all advice is welcome and much appreciated!
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2021.12.05 18:09 Fly2dope Reshiram Raid. If Added You’re In

7404 2422 1038
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2021.12.05 18:09 waio00
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2021.12.05 18:09 PersephonesPot Fortissimo Live Rosin From Green Dot Labs 💨

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2021.12.05 18:09 Global-Performer-354 Just bought these two teeth, I'm trying to figure out what the first tooth belonged too, and trying to figure out if the megaladon tooth is real

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2021.12.05 18:09 stream071 My first MONTH of FPV

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2021.12.05 18:09 snapsbyluis Found this dog on a YouTube video. What breed is it?

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2021.12.05 18:09 EngineerIKP The death timer is wrong

It takes 10 mins to grow a pero. I eldered it and flew around for 3 more mjns. I know this because I set a timer. Then I get to the death screen and it says I've been alime for nine mins.
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2021.12.05 18:09 The_Haskins Johnny Gargano going from one of the most featured people in NXT consistently to a midcard at best faction working mostly Dark definitely isn't a downgrade!

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2021.12.05 18:09 Zealousideal-Oven725 No where else to go..

I guess I’ve come here because I’ve exhausted all my other options. A couple of months ago a friend of my introduced me to online roulette. Within a couple of weeks and only depositing around £200 I managed to win £5000.. the worst thing that could of happened. Since then I’ve put that all back in, chasing an even bigger win. Not only that, but I’ve now eaten into almost all my savings. I never really understood gambling addiction before, but it eats away at you. I got myself up to £1000 in my casino fund, but it wasn’t enough, just one more spin, just another couple of hundred pound. I don’t know what to do anymore, I’ve got to put on a false smile around my family as they have no idea that I even gamble. Every time I self exclude myself, I open up another account somewhere else and tell myself that this time it’ll be just a casual bet. I haven’t got it in me to ban myself completely from all gambling sites. Pathetic, I know. I need help. I can’t live like this anymore.
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2021.12.05 18:09 coleh779 Titty Redd

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2021.12.05 18:09 AmbersInfectdPiercng WWMD what would Mary do?

Grandma Mary was a smart and savvy business woman, and had alot of connections here in NWA. Its rumored that Mary was somewhat of a "manager" for the family. Seeking and coordinating appearances and grifting opportunities. She had to have known about Oprah right? How much did she actually know? How much did she tell Deanna? If Grandma Mary were alive, would she be at court everyday?
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2021.12.05 18:09 rkang1201 [US-NJ] [H] Artisans [W] Trades, Paypal, modo light aesthetic kit (spacebars)

stampy stamp comment down below first and then pm / United States preferred wttf:

click here to pm
trying to test techno violet and lavender switches before I buy them, so if anyone has spares hmu also looking for modo light aesthetics kit (or just the blue spacebars if you're willing to let them go)
amidst the clouds:
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