Michael Masi after the race

MILWAUKEE — A Milwaukee business owner announced he is joining the mayoral race on Wednesday. Michael Sampson, the owner of Swarmm Events and The Hive Coworking Office, is the first private ... This was a race to watch in our area after the two faced off in a close race back in 2019 for the open mayor's seat. Back then, McCabe lost to Humason by less than 100 votes. Humason will only ... AGAWAM — With only five votes separating her from her closest opponent in Tuesday’s election, school committee candidate Catherine McDougal plans to seek a recount. Two new representatives and ... Just 20 votes separated Marissa Elkins and Michael Quinlan with up to 100 ballots left to count. But updated tallies Friday clinched the race for Elkins. Michael Eric Dyson on What People Get Wrong About Critical Race Theory Plus, reacting to Democrats’ loss in Virginia and discussing how the party has to step up for Black voters By Bakari ... Trainer Michael Appleby statistics and form. View results and future entries as well as statistics by course, race type and prize money. Michael Mann's The Last Of The Mohicans (1992) ~ "...I lived to see the last warrior of the wise race of the Mohicans" Michael Che on Exploring Race, Police Brutality and COVID-19 Paranoia in HBO Max Sketch Show. With 'That Damn Michael Che,' the 'Saturday Night Live' star stretches his comedy in new directions ...

2021.12.05 17:08 Drebinto Michael Masi after the race

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2021.12.05 17:08 laikenadelaide Struggling with college applications. HELP!

I’ve been homeschooled through an accredited program, I do have official transcripts thankfully, however, my parents aren’t helping me with college apps or recommendations and I need them. I’m using the Common Application and I’ve completed my parts, but I don’t have a “counselor” or even a formal “teacher” I’m very smart and I don’t want this to prevent me from following my dreams and I’m a bit overwhelmed at the moment. If anyone has any tips or suggestions or can help me with these things please let me know. I’m not familiar with this process and it’s really hard to apply when I don’t have support or access to what I need. I also just found out I have to submit standardized testing even though it’s test optional because I’m homeschooled. This is frustrating because I’ve missed the deadline, they may be a bit more lenient because of covid but there are a lot of things out of my control and that makes it hard. I’ve put a lot of effort into this, i just don’t know what else to do.
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2021.12.05 17:08 yvrdad84 Loving the new MTE-2. Big upgrade from my 3 year old pair of sk8-hi MTE

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2021.12.05 17:08 TheIrishWolverine Don’t let HAM/VER distract you from the real Driver of the Day

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2021.12.05 17:08 irrelevant_squid5432 A blind man and his seeing-eye dog walk into a store…

They stand there for a bit, then unprompted, the man picks up the dog by its tail and swings it around over his head.
A salesman rushes over and says, “Sir, do you need help with something?”
The man then puts his dog back down and says, “No thank you, I’m just looking around.”
Sorry this was really awful, it’s one of my grandpa’s very long puns
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2021.12.05 17:08 Sad_Fucking_Alien Join the T33N L34K5 8 - 17 Discord Server!

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2021.12.05 17:08 throwballjones101 [USA-OH] [H] Gigabyte 1080 8GB Windforce [W] PayPal, Local Cash

Mods said no boogie board :( Have a Gigabyte 1080 8GB Windforce. Used for gaming only in a portal rig. Works fantastic
$450 shipped, $420 local 44614
Gigabyte website
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2021.12.05 17:08 Miearz sometimes you hate life

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2021.12.05 17:08 Vasch7 The Ascent - Gameplay ITA 03 - Luoghi di scambio #TheAscent #Gameplay #R...

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2021.12.05 17:08 StChristopher83 "I got a place by the edge of the red light district..."

Does anyone remember when R* are set to drop the prison outfit? It was supposed to be 72 hours after a specific date. Google isn't showing me any love this am. Cheers.
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2021.12.05 17:08 Post-YouTube Video: WOKE Restuarant Gets MASSIVE Backlash After REFUSING To Serve Police Officers Over Their Weapons

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2021.12.05 17:08 AnonLXIX High Skill Floor classes/Streamlining and Skill Expression

Why did Yoshi-p get rid of all the high skill floor classes? At very least he has streamlined them like crazy! I used to love Dark Arks DRK way back in the day, it was hard to get down but it felt good to master. Then it got reworked into one of if not THE easiest of the tanks to use. This popped in my head after I looked at my MNK and realized a bunch of directional are gone, and I thought MNK immune to the super streamlining of classes.
Stance dancing is gone from tanks and that in my opinion; was a good way for a tank to really show his knowledge of the fight and the aggro system. It was cool to see a WAR swap off defiance to do some big DPS before swapping back before a big tank buster. It was cool to see those amazing MNK players darting back and forth going ballistic! Streamlined the cross-class skills to the point where they barely exist. I remember being able to just use a "Class" and load up on cross-class stuff and have neat little build going. That's all gone now.
I get that he wants to focus on the boss mechanics so he doesn't want people fighting against their class's kit. But is there no place in this game for high skill floor classes? Is there no middle ground?
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2021.12.05 17:08 TheStrange86 Alternate NFL-New York Giants

Alternate NFL-New York Giants
Uniforms are the same as in reality, but the old red alternate jersey has returned.
Uniform template source-https://www.gridiron-uniforms.com/GUD/controllecontroller.php?action=main
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2021.12.05 17:08 paulo101977 Age of Empires 4 - Multiplayer: We were destroyed!

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2021.12.05 17:08 Bumbledolt Selling my stacked Turkish account for cheap

Magepunk Spectre Sovreign Marshall Elderflame Operator Forsaken Operator Oni Phantom Prime Phantom Singularity Ares Sovreign Ghost Prime Vandal Elderflame Vandal Prime Odin Elderflame Knife Episode 3 Act 3 Battlepass (Current BP) (Genesis Arc Knife) Episode 3 Act 2 Battlepass (Artisian Foil Knife) Episode 3 Act 1 Battlepass (K/TAC Knife) Episode 2 Act 3 Battlepass (Songsteel Knife) Turkish Region Account Total VP Spent 31900 All agents unlocked (Four agents maxed) DM for pics Selling for 100$ Dm me on reddit if u wanna buy
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2021.12.05 17:08 TheForlornGamer Good thing Yagami came in to change Matsun's group for the better… 💀

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2021.12.05 17:08 emperorralphatine The things you find when packing up your place to move...

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2021.12.05 17:08 aldrindeanmartins SM22 best tactics to use

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2021.12.05 17:08 tiggerclaw "Baia de Luanda - Noite - BW" [Sept 24, 2010] by Henry Neto

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2021.12.05 17:08 fordar Does anyone else see NFTs now on explorer.loopring.io?

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2021.12.05 17:08 janeisblue Clinique Sweet Pots Sugar & Scrub Dupe?

The Clinique Sweet Pots Sugar & Scrub is really the only lip balm that has ever worked for me, but I don’t use the scrub part at all. Is there any lip balm anyone knows that has a similar formula (from Clinique or other brands)?
Some that have NOT worked for me: EOS Burt’s Bees Nivea Vaseline
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2021.12.05 17:08 mmcgoo69 Madden 22 PS5 New League! Fantasy Draft Join Up!

Brand New League trying to fill spots join the discord!
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2021.12.05 17:08 OverDistribution2 Ways the Rogues Gallery can work in Reeve's trilogy.

Here, we go by his first appearance and stick to its rules. He's merely a former actor, fallen from grace and into obscurity. His massive ego became his undoing so he becomes embittered, jealous and unhealthily obsessive over the series of more successful remakes of his most popular movie trilogy. So he dons the outfit of the "Clayface Creature" from one of his older, cheaper horror movies set in the 1930s and begins murdering the cast and crew of the new series. I imagine his suit to be like his first appearance. A hat, coat and mask, only drenched in mud and the mask has a more brown colouring of the same mould of Ethan Bennet's Clayface as a nice nod to The Batman 2004 series. My pick is Cristopher Eccleston. Not only because of being so cold and callous in 28 Days Later, but because he's also capable of being dark, somber, crazy and has amazing moods wings. Exhibit A: Doctor Who 2005. He was also incredibly sinister and creepy in an old road safety advert. https://youtu.be/GsFE-TONe2w
I can imagine Ana de Armas playing a version like the one in Hothouse. Not a femme fatale with plant based superpowers, but a shy, lonely Botanist who after years of dedicated abuse with her own compounds is able to metabolise it and with a kiss alter people's perceptions of reality and become more suggestible, perceiving her as someone like Freyja. She can be someone you feel sorry for, resonate with and be extremely terrified of.Instead of the cliched, constantly horny "uber sexy" femme fatale role, both Poison Ivy and Ana can benefit from a more grounded approach to her. If you've seen Blade Runner 2049 and watched Joi interact with K in his Apartment where she is always aiming to impress and is almost overly sweet or as shit as it was, Knock Knock where Ana is extremely deranged, always flicking through sweet but with an intense obsession to nasty batshit mode like a light switch over the slightest thing, then you can see how she could do it.
I understand suggestions like Megan Fox, Mila Kunis or Eiza Gonzalez in the role. And this is pretty prejudiced of me, but I feel thats less to do with being engaged with this Dano/Riddler style character study of Poison Ivy and really more because they are all seen as attractive and Poison Ivy is attractive. Ana is obviously physically attractive too, but less in a supermodel way and more of a natural way. It sounds pretentious I know, but I feel the role should be more geared towards an effective reimagining rather than simple eye candy. Ana can do sweet, intelligent, elegant, sensual, shy and scary. I think with her previous performances, she can be tragic, mysterious and alluring and disturbing. Her big challenge would be to develop all of that and explore it throughout the movie. Less of a cartoon villain or overly confident super villain and more of a sad, haunting character.
I'd go with the story from Cycle of Violence. Crane grew up being experimented on and psychologically tortured by his father. His father was working on a fear toxin for the US Government and decided to use his son as the guinea pig. After he died, Jonathan from developing a form of Stockholm syndrome decided to continue his work. He like Batman, dons the guise of his phobia, the Scarecrow. The story is an adaption of Cycle of Violence where he (in the words of Tool) does unto others what has been done to him and kidnaps a little girl to use as his experiment. Does he redeem himself? That would be nice but I don't know.
But its my firm belief that no one is really 100% evil and this story explores that. The little girl despite being scared of him, tries to befriend him because she doesn't truly understand the situation. From small things like saying that "his stutter is ok" to a very powerful moment where she slips a drawing of her and Scarecrow as best friends under the locked door for him to see. This is where his reactions are more human. Like Roy Batty killing Tyrell and then being confused because he's found this strange feeling he hasn't felt before (Remorse) its the same with Crane. I imagine the movie would be much like Tool's song Prison Sex in a lot of its themes. The movie would also crop a lot of powerful ideas from Night Cries too. I can definitely see David Tennant in the role. Barty Crouch Jr was vicious and nasty, as was Kilgrave in Jessica Jones, but also very conflicting and ambiguous in Deadwater Fell and tragic in Single Father.

I picture Denzel Washington tackling the character drawing influence from the Batman: Snow story. Fries is building an experimental cryonic machinate preserve the bodies of the afflicted. His wife is to be the first subject. The machine malfunctions and Fries is encased in the cryonic substance. after the building is evacuated he thaws out and becomes traumatised at his new state. He believes Ferris Boyle hijacked the project for his goals in selling Ice weaponry to the Military-Industrial Complex, the origins of which are plagiarised versions of Fries's research. Boyle has done this to compliment his heat weapons. Fries is morally a very dark grey character after his accident. Boyle has his wife in containment at the main headquarters for Gothcorp and is emotionally blackmailed by him into murdering rivals and fellow disloyal employees as well as witnesses. He quickly learns to become cold as he does this.
The excuse for Boyle is that a disillusioned former employee has gone on a rampage with Gothcorp technology. Batman begins interfering with Boyle's plans so Freeze has to take care of him too. The catch is that the suit Fries is wearing won't immortalise him, just keep the inevitable at bay. After battling with Batman and deciding to infiltrate Gothcorp by himself, killing staff and security, he is confronted by Boyle who is torturing him with a mini specialised heat cannon. Batman saves Fries but Boyle gets away. Batman and Fries make an alliance to stop Boyle. Fries is growing weaker due to not only the damage sustained to him by Boyle, but also due to his condition worsening. It climaxes with Fries having to sacrifice himself to save Batman, avenge Nora and foil Boyle's plans for good. Boyle only dies because in his haste he tries to flee Batman and the destruction at the same time and falls to his death as he lands into the same substance that caused Fries's condition. Note: he is never even once called "Mr Freeze" and obviously he is not the main villain.

I think he'd be best as an amalgamation of the main villain of DC 29 and his version in Zero Year. Karl Helfern is a disgruntled former Wayne Enterprises scientist who after being filled with grief and anger over the death of his son, a soldier who died looking for Bruce Wayne, decides to try and create invulnerability and super strength. He tested it on himself but it has grown progressively worse. His anger only exacerbates his condition until the climax when he becomes completely abominable. The first 30 minutes should also tell the tale of the The Case of The Chemical Syndicate where he is revealed as the employer to Alfred Stryker after Batman defeats him. Bill Nighy is my pick for Dr. Death. Can be tragic and monstrous as seen in Pirates of The Caribbean and Underworld.

I'd love to see an adaption of Matt Wagner's Batman and the Monster Men. Only instead of giant mutant proto-Titan monsters, we instead see something akin to the freaks from Strange's lab in Gotham. (as much as I struggle to like those seasons after Season 1) The difference is that the monsters obey Strange and he is more than willing to unleash them upon the world. He is also captivated by Batman and does discover his identity.
I agree with FloorgangCapo that Giancarlo Esposito would be wonderful as Strange. Cold, calculating, probing and ruthless.

Much like he was in The Long Halloween. After he has been scarred he gradually descends into insanity as the film progresses. The last act sees him as he is, fully embracing "Big Bad Harv" and becoming Two Face. I can picture Rami Malek playing him. Tragic and ruthless as Safin in No Time To Die and incredibly adept at tackling DID in Mr Robot.

I can see Jeffery Tambor playing an elderly Valentin, recreating a horror show he tried to unleash upon Gotham decades before Batman showed up. He is an old terror known as "Professor Pyg" and is much more predatory than seen in previous appearances. His dollotrons remain the same.

Inspired by someone's fan made poster. (at least I believe its fanmade) https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Ekx357zU8AAQltz.jpg
Instead of "Drop" being another alias of Scarecrow/HatteJoker, he'd be his own thing entirely. I can imagine he'd have the same bizarre and almost whimsical nature of villains like in the style of 1966 or BTAS (I can already imagine the background music in the first 10 seconds especially the warped cartoonishly spooky strings being his in universe theme, whenever the TV screens are invaded by his swirling background and red drop facehttps://youtu.be/j1U_Z-xeZKU?list=PL1296B83B6365EC03 the song is goofy but for the show its supposed to be, Holy Musical B@man is an underrated gem) but with a more pronounced onscreen brutality. I can imagine he and his escapades would be a live action version of an original villain from The Batman 2004. I know its lazy but who else but Jeff Blim could do it?

This one is probably the most contentious as his character has been saturated with constant references and appearances in the media over the last decade, snowballing into an overexposure to him.
My idea is that the media itself needs to lock him away into a vault for the next few years, which will actually be beneficial for his character. I reckon with the Joker's retirement from the eyes of comic readers this will allow other villains to flourish. This will also eliminate Joker Fatigue in the long run. When he returns he will be fresh once again like he was in 89, TDK, Death of The Family and Endgame.
I'd like this to be the new Joker. https://i2.wp.com/batman-news.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/9983E034-ED44-46FC-A212-CF01A69B9671.jpeg?fit=2062%2C3131&quality=80&strip=info&ssl=1
If the Joker were to fall into a vat of (diluted) caustic chemicals that bleached his skin white and discoloured his hair and deformed his jaw with nerve damage, I think thats how he would really look. Reeves seems to be giving the fantastical world of the comics a grounded engine to run on, whereas Nolan gave us a real world with characters that become real life equivalents to these figures. Who do I think could tackle this version? I don't know, hopefully someone new to us.

And as a (probably very unpopular) subversion, a new member of the Bat Family:
Taken straight from Earth One. A misunderstood figure suffering from ataxia and eperdermalytic hyperkarytosis (Gotham Knight 2008) a recluse living in the sewer systems near the Batcave. He is dubbed "Killer Croc the Cannibal" as a cruel myth because of his "monstrous" appearance. He is actually kind and gentle and loyal to those who were kind to him. In time Gotham comes to see "Croc" as a hero.
I think this reenforcement of Croc as a good person is while obviously the complete antithesis of the brutish, cannibalistic killer he came to be, would be good and could alter our perceptions on society's outcasts for the better. I'm tired of every deformed, inhuman looking character being a villain all the time. In BTAS there is even an episode where he shows his more human side. Sadly he doesn't redeem himself, but that idea has existed and likely inspired Geoff Johns to go this route for the character. It breaks the mould set for Croc, but I think in this case thats a good thing.
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