$LVGN Look at the OBV! It goes up dramatically with the price BUT does NOT go down with the price. Bullish!

2021.12.05 16:57 Ok_Reception_8939 $LVGN Look at the OBV! It goes up dramatically with the price BUT does NOT go down with the price. Bullish!

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2021.12.05 16:57 oberbabo Why did D&D never hit mainstream?

So I started playing D&D a couple of weeks ago and I wonder why it did never enter mainstream. Anyone?
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2021.12.05 16:57 newfriendshipbracele Manjiro Sano wall hanging/tapestry

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2021.12.05 16:57 bit010 Update time

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2021.12.05 16:57 OpinionatedIMO ‘I used to sleep in a dark room’

“It wasn’t always that way. Before there was some ambient light in my bedroom but I found it much easier to cross into the realm of nightmares with less distraction. Full darkness promoted a much faster transition. Many do everything in their power to avoid subconscious states of terror and dread, but not me. I decided to embrace them all, headfirst. It’s like a game which I lost every night. My goal was just to extend the playing time and adapt to the challenging new levels. Only by experiencing your expiration hundreds of times in unsettling dream scenarios could you possibly conquer those demons, once and for all. That’s what I told myself. I saw the challenging process of fighting for my life in the mental labyrinth as a needed ‘dress rehearsal’ before the main event.
The manner of my death changed every time but the risks felt just as real. I came to understand I was dreaming during the sequences but I still took the gruesome scenarios seriously. Maybe it was a sense of misguided pride but I felt I owed my subconscious dreamweaver full attention in those unique battles. It would’ve been disrespectful to purposely avoid the mortal conflicts thrown at me, or to allow my death to occur without making any effort. I fought tooth and nail to the moment of moribund every single night.
Upon awakening, the memories were still incredibly vivid so I listed them in a detailed record. I died hundreds of times from all manner of dangerous beasts and unimaginable foes. Some were unspeakably evil and lifelike. Others were darkly visceral and more abstract, but I couldn’t afford to dismiss anything which seemed silly or cartoonish upon waking. They all went into the dream account for analysis and further study. At the very least I was building valuable experience but my constant state of subconscious fear took its toll on my well being. I couldn’t think straight. I was understandably jumpy all the time. I keep asking myself if the current scenario I was mired in was the one that would actually get me, in real life.
Despite all the advanced training, I wasn’t prepared for when it came. The shadows were infinitely darker. The walls were impenetrable. The sense of immanent hopelessness I felt in my bones was absolute. The ‘game of death’ seemed to have skipped a hundred levels overnight. I didn’t want to play. I wanted to just curl up in a hidden corner and sleep but there was no place to hide. Believe me, I searched. I used every trick I’d learned from countless prior battles to secure some security but there was none to be had. It was as if the dreamweaver had access to my secret notebook. Every strategy I had amassed was useless. They had been compromised and I was forced to scramble to find new ways to survive.
Just as it was in my conscious life, I was utterly exhausted, mentally and physically. There was no place to escape. There was no ‘opt out’ of the terrifying game of death. It was playing me and I had no choice. I tried to summon a hero’s courage to fight back but I couldn’t think clearly. The lack of restful sleep for months had severely weakened my ability to reason or adapt to the horrifying new situation. The brain needs serotonin replenished daily to function and keep its sanity. I won’t lie to anyone. I wasn’t the ‘hero’ of my own dreams anymore. I wad a coward that wanted to give up. My will was gone.
The ungodly things stalking and torturing me were a thousand times more sinister than anything I’d encountered beforehand. It was like the game of death sadistically lulled me into a false sense of security with months of anemic ‘beta wars’. Maybe it grew tired of my earlier willingness to fight back and extend my stay in the boundless psychological battlefield of the mind, so it took the gloves off. Regardless of the truth I’d never know, I was overwhelmed and terrified beyond human words. I screamed until I was hoarse and stumbled away on bleeding hands and knees. I begged the blacked sky for unanswered mercy. My willpower was completely gone but there was no white flag to wave. If that wasn’t the purest metric for a victory won, I don’t know what is but the worst was yet to come.
The written word is incapable of denoting the level of merciless indignity I experienced before my actual death. Perhaps it’s enough to specify that in the realm of dreams, the only limits anyone has is the size of their imagination. Mine had been weaponized to dizzying heights by my foolish willingness to fight the endless monsters which attacked me every night. In that way I constructed my own apocalypse. Whether my heart gave out from psychological stress, or I succumbed to unsurvivable fright in the realm of these nightmares, I was dead in both worlds.
“I come to you now, in this dream as a sincere ambassador of truth and good will. Your series of escalating nightmares will begin soon, just as mine did. Its too late for me but I implore you to not fight back like I did. It’s human nature to want to survive but the blackened thing that puts these nightmares in our heads is malicious and spiteful. It doesn’t appreciate competition or willful resistance. It will weave increasingly darker scenarios to rally against you if you protest. Let it win this sadistic mind game so you have the opportunity to live another day. An ordinary nightmare you succumb to in a dream isn’t the actual end of your life. Shaking your fist impotently at the dreamweaver who sent it, will be. Remember my words when you wake up and live long.”
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2021.12.05 16:57 Crazy_Occasion_5130 My 9th grade English teacher is making the class read right-wing paranoid conspiracy survivalist books.

I live in Colorado. Am in 9th grade. My English teacher is making the class read paranoid conspiracy survivalist books.
The books are called One Second After, One Year After, and The Final Day. These books basically talk about the conspiracy theory that if someone sets off a nuke in space they're going to cause a nationwide power outage and destroy all electronics in the entire country. 90% of the population would be dead within a year.
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2021.12.05 16:57 Danny1905 Hoát đu yêu oan tu ghét phô đít Cờ-Rít-Mật?

Ai oan ề Ninh-Ten-Đô Sờ-huýt èn xom niu cờ-lấu-tinh
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2021.12.05 16:57 SpiLLiX Best cell service in DFW?

Have Verizon currently. It’s awful. Data barely works. Phone calls are ok but not what you’d expect for what you are paying.
Do I just go back to ATT?
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2021.12.05 16:57 sloppylobster92 Anyone know of any local bridal shops closing down? Looking for a dress at a discount.

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2021.12.05 16:57 theforestermelriddim To be honest I'm kinda disappointed with where this game is going.

Hey yall, I know I'm literally a random person who made their reddit account 2 days ago but there's something I really need to talk about. I've been a fan of this game since 2018, and back then things were a lot more chill and laid back. I have a couple points I want to mention here so please hear me out. As someone who can't really call myself an og, I'm not going all 2016 rec room here but I still miss the 2018 Era.
So here's my reasons I'm not enjoying the game as much.

  1. Rec Rooms staff are becoming less of a small dev team that cares about their players and more of a corporate entity.
I know this is a hot take, but a while back, you could strike up a conversation with one of the staff and they were really chill, and actually cared a lot about what you had to say to them. They listened to community feedback, and improved the game by that same principle. Now, however, the staff are becoming less and less involved with the community and don't listen to the community as much. Not only will this make the game boring, it will remain buggy as heck until its fixed by sheer luck, as most bugs are flat out ignored.
  1. Huge youtubers are coming into rec room, bringing in their fanbases which consist of 6 year olds onto the platform.
Back in the day, there was barely such a thing as a toxic kid, sure there were toxic people here and there but they were so rare that they weren't an issue in the slightest. Now what happens when you join paintball? You get yelled at by 4 year old children telling you to get off teleport or they'll get their mom who works at epic games to ban you from rec room. The reason? Huge youtubers have been playing rec room. Sure toxic kids have been around before the videos such as "plays rec room once", but they've doubled, tripled, and maybe even quadrupled in number. I use teleport 99% of the time, and I can't even say some of the stuff people have threatened me with, it's getting really bad, and this game is supposed to be fun.
  1. Rec room is focusing on creation only.
Yes, rec rally just came out, but when what was the last rro before that? Orientation? Yeah try having fun playing that more than once. Crescendo, it came out in 2018, before I even started playing. In my opinion, that might be the last good rro to ever come out. Rec rally is a one trick pony, and it's only fun once, Orientation is literally a tutorial. With this much time they probably could've been making a triple a game on this platform. They had 3 years, and all they made a was a go kart game. Does that seem lazy to you? Cause it does to me. Us people who don't sit in an empty room all day by ourselves messing around with the maker pen are at a disadvantage, because the maker pen genius is the favorite child here.
I guess what I'm trying to say is that rec room isn't the same anymore. Hide this post if you want rec room, but I WILL NOT be silenced. There will be people who agree with me, and people who disagree with me, but I'm not going to stop until so,etching is done about this game.
What used to be my favorite game is now being ruined by these factors, and it's stupid.
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2021.12.05 16:57 agurkius Gotta hurry and charge it up before the battery runs out

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2021.12.05 16:57 Laak22 Ethan evertime KavKav says anything

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2021.12.05 16:57 vensaodojo Which is the scariest character to face in Tekken?

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2021.12.05 16:57 Hello_iam_Kian Remember when F1 used to bring people together instead of creating chaos😭

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2021.12.05 16:57 Difficult-Net5253 Spartacus finance

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2021.12.05 16:57 ContNouNout For the last 2 weeks I've been trying to use Samsung Smart Switch to backup my phone so I could reset it to get rid of the crippled performance, please give me some tips on how could I get Smart Switch to work.

For the last 2 weeks I've been trying to use Samsung Smart Switch to backup my phone so I could reset it to get rid of the crippled performance, please give me some tips on how could I get Smart Switch to work. submitted by ContNouNout to GalaxyS21 [link] [comments]

2021.12.05 16:57 johnspikah Just a thought on Malakai Black

He’s very scary and efficient in his new character. However, once you take into account that his poop will be green for the forseable future because of his black mist gimmick, he becomes much less menacing.
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2021.12.05 16:57 PerryThePlatypus43 The rivalry continues 2 points separating them into Abu Dhabi

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2021.12.05 16:57 zarth109x Which is the definitive version of Sinnoh?

Now that the Sinnoh remakes have been out for two weeks now, people have had the time to play through it and evaluate how good they are. I know many people were mad that there wasn't too much Platinum content (Distortion World, Battle Frontier, and Stark Mountain story being the big omissions). BDSP also blocked some Platinum evos behind the postgame, like Gliscor and Porygon. But on the other side, BDSP did add a few elements and QOL changes like underground, no more HMs, general speed improvements, etc. Those rematch trainers also stacked.
With all of these in mind, which game do you think is the definitive version of Sinnoh?
View Poll
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2021.12.05 16:57 opholmes The Mafia is a pyramid scheme.

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2021.12.05 16:57 ensluck Decentral Games Newsletter #46

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2021.12.05 16:57 assagitaz Siddharta Says - Savanna [Bonzai Progressive]

Publisher: Bonzai Progressive
Out Date: 2021-12-03
Quality: MP3 10.86 Mb / AIFF 47.81 Mb
Genre: Progressive House
Siddharta Says - Savanna / (Key Am, BPM 123, Length 4:31)​
DOWNLOAD - https://progonlymusic.com/index.php?route=release/release&release_id=512636
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2021.12.05 16:57 karlsruhedeutschland Where to find analysis on the the stories or series.

I watched nerdwriter1 on YouTube called Neil Gaiman’s Sandman: What Dreams Cost awhile back and that prompted me to get the series. I’ve really enjoyed it and feel like there is so much meaning and hidden Easter eggs within not only the series but the stories. I would like to see some analysis or video breakdowns and was wondering where I could find some. I also enjoyed the foreword in some of the series because it highlighted things to me that I had passed over.
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2021.12.05 16:57 SockDemDiscussion Make several Nighmare Before Christmas spin offs with adjacent holidays. Christmas+Valentine's, Valentine's+Easter, Easter+Summer Vacation, Summer Vacation+Halloween, Summer Vacation+Thanksgiving, Halloween+Thanksgiving, and Thanksgiving+Christmas!

And idk, maybe you could throw in New Year's Day (though I think that fits under the broader umbrella of the winter holiday season), Groundhog Day, Saint Patrick's Day, April Fool's, Labour Day, Remembrance/Veteran's/Memorial Day, and Mother's/Father's Day in there I suppose, but think these ones are a stretch.
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2021.12.05 16:57 microwavablesushi Professor is dealing with family emergency, hasn’t emailed us in two weeks, and we have two exams scheduled in the next two weeks. Department has been silent.

The week of thanksgiving, my professor had to fly across the country for a family emergency. He emailed us and let us know what was going on, gave us recorded lectures for our test the next week, and let us know that grading is going to take longer than normal.
We were already a week or two behind. We are supposed to have 5 exams and a final in this class. We took our 4th exam on Friday and dead week is about to start. We are supposed to have one more exam and a final.
We have not gotten an email from him since the week of thanksgiving. The syllabus states that we are supposed to have an exam this week but I strongly doubt that will happen since he has not posted any content or lectures for the exam. We have a cumulative final in 2 weeks but we’re missing an entire unit of content.
Just to be clear, my professor is fantastic. This family emergency is very serious and he is at no fault. Im just frustrated that the department hasn’t stepped up to inform us about anything or help in the slightest. There is no one else that teaches this class at the school and I feel like it is very unfair to him if the department is still giving him the responsibility to teach the class when he’s obviously dealing with a family tragedy.
My class is just confused as to what is going to happen. We don’t want to email him and ask a million questions. Has this ever happened to any of you and what ended up happening? I figured someone else would teach the class but that is not happening at the moment.
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