What song do you never get tired of hearing?

2021.12.05 16:45 Narrow_Elephant_2670 What song do you never get tired of hearing?

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2021.12.05 16:45 danamichele1 Christmas party sploots

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2021.12.05 16:45 Different_Cellist661 Help

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2021.12.05 16:45 Dakmaind Iron Maiden - Maiden Japan (1981)

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2021.12.05 16:45 EmbarrassingO436120 BRO IM RAGING ABOUT THE BATTLE PASS RN SO HARD

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2021.12.05 16:45 Mystical_Cat Tool - Undertow

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2021.12.05 16:45 AldousChucksley Swings and Work

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2021.12.05 16:45 Signorahopium Does anyone know where I could find this painting or the artist online from yakuza 0's real estate office?

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2021.12.05 16:45 riyadeljannah 5 Steps To Feel Better After Divorce

If you’re not feeling too great, if you’re here reading after divorce or a breakup.
I give you 5 steps to get feeling better after divorce. So we don’t have to feel stuck.
The first one was exercised.
The second one, get that support group.
Third, Do everything differently.
fourth, be steel and know that you’re okay.
fifth, stop arguing with reality and I know that these can work.
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2021.12.05 16:45 french_crypto Silver Sunday T

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2021.12.05 16:45 Relative_Switch9791 Finance modules offered

Hello everyone! I am looking into joining an exchange program to Aalto University in AY2022/2023. Will anyone be able to provide a comprehensive list of finance modules offered in period I and period II in the past academic years for the Otaniemi campus? Also, may I ask if these modules are normally available every academic year or is it uncertain? Thank you so much!!!
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2021.12.05 16:45 illyaking1978 What do you consider a success when creating experimental art?

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2021.12.05 16:45 mugheadz It's tiki time! Get this one of a kind mug on OpenSea!

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2021.12.05 16:45 altarfinch RMA is a scam

In october, I bought an Oculus Quest 2.
I immediately noticed a stuck pixel in the right eye, so I returned it through the Oculus RMA process. BIG MISTAKE ! I should have gone through Amazon process, because now, I'm stuck in Oculus support hell :
At first they've asked me to take some software screenshots of a hardware problem... like if it was even possible. It was hard but I was able to make a photo in the dark. They finally validated it and received my package pretty quickly (normal, this was my part of the job...). So far, so good, until...
They told me they've lost it and that they needed to make an investigation. A week later they found it back and told me that it would take 2-3 days before they ship my Quest 2 (ah ah). It was three weeks ago.
In total, I've been contacting support almost every day for a month. The support team is nice but they can't do anything at all, they just throw you generic answer like: "Thanks for your patience", "We will get back to you by mail" (never received a single one). One day, they tell me it's shipped, next day, they tell me that it's still in warehouse... I can't trust them anymore. Now they tell me they are making an investigation again.
I want to play with my Quest 2 that I own and that I payed for ! The saddest thing is that I kept on buying games on the Oculus App during black friday. But I can't play any.
I know I'm not alone, there are plenty of these horror stories on reddit, at the end, people receive a refurbished broken Quest 2 that they needed to RMA again.
So, my advice for people who want to send their Quest 2 back: 1. Insist on getting replacement from the store you bought the Oculus from. Once it's sent in RMA, you are stuck, you will never receive a working Quest 2 ever again, you have to buy a new one. 2. If you sent it back, ask for a refund and buy a new Quest 2 from a company with a decent customer support experience (Amazon for example)
If someone survived RMA, please speak up ! And if someone is starting legal action against Oculus, I'm in !
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2021.12.05 16:45 sxydoctor Am I the only one who noticed that Spider-Man 2099's theme in the first look sounds very similar to Spider-Man Unlimited's theme?

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2021.12.05 16:45 saber2187 [FrenchieFie] Chibi cuties

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2021.12.05 16:45 HubristicBiscuit HELP

I'm trying to import a token into pancake on my iPhone using chrome. I pasted the contract in then I have to scroll to the bottom and check the "I understand" box then "import". But the phone has a banner at the bottom that now refuses to piss off. That means I can't check the box and select import. I can scroll up and see them but they just shoot back down under the never ending banner when I let go. Is this an "upgrade" to chrome or something? Can't you fix your app pancake? Put a blank section at the bottom so us phone peasants can get to the buttons? Any help would be appreciated.
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2021.12.05 16:45 Modern-Moo Big monch from a big boy

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2021.12.05 16:45 JohnnyPowdersville We’re going to play Iowa State in the Cheez-it Bowl

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2021.12.05 16:45 SnooMacaroons8360 Supper Fluffy Steamed Bun (松软蒸发糕)– two ingredients made failure impossible

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2021.12.05 16:45 MizessPuff For the people that hate spiders, where is the worst place you’ve found one at?

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2021.12.05 16:45 NovemberAlphaKilo [Giveaway] Pink, Blue, and Purple Flowers

I have finally decided to reduce some of my flower beds and have quite a handful of flowers I no longer need:
Pink Mums - 6 Pink Windflowers - 6 Pink Tulips - 6 Blue Pansies - 10 Blue Windflowers - 10 Blue Hyacinths - 17 Purple Mums - 10 Purple Pansies - 10 Purple Hyacinths - 10 Purple Windflowers - 39 Purple Tulips - 45
Please let me know what you're interested in! Thanks :)
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2021.12.05 16:45 smo0ol Pain for the RAFT not showing in PU

I bought the hazard paint for the RAFT and when I go in arena commander I can see it but when I go in the PU it's saying that I don't have any paint. Does anyone know why?
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2021.12.05 16:45 RatoPomboArt Being sent to Cidhna Mine as a Bosmer be like

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2021.12.05 16:45 hevermind LPT: Do you drink/get high when you feel stressed? Drugs/alcohol are the worst coping mechanism you can use. Learn healthy coping skills!

Many of us have stress and trauma in our lives, and coping with these things is often not something that is intuitive. Healthy coping does not come naturally.
Many people drink or use drugs to suppress their stress and trauma, which is the worse possible way of dealing with stressors.
Learn proper, healthy coping skills and you will have a much better life.
Here are some links: * World Health Organization * Mayo Clinic And I can't recommend this enough: * Belly Breathing!
I realize that to many people this seems very obvious, but to many others it's not obvious in the slightest. If even one person is helped by this it will have been worth it!
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